When can I install a geothermal system?

| by Steve Fowler
When can I install a geothermal system?

Of course the best time to install a geothermal system is when the weather is perfect! A wonderful 72 degree day perhaps? While wearing short sleeves and seeing not a drop of sweat anywhere on the horizon ... However we all know that kind of weather is far and far between, especially here in Southern Illinois.

The main concern when installing a geothermal system is the ground loop, which is located outside in customer's the yard. If the ground is wet and muddy it can be difficult to install. But again, I said difficult, not impossible! The real perfect time to install a geothermal loop is from late spring to late fall. Once the rainy season comes we will usually forgo installation until a freeze happens, as surprisingly enough frozen ground is no trouble for the drillers!

Of course speaking as a geothermal contractor, the best time is now!

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Steve Fowler
Steve Fowler is a lifelong heating and air-conditioning expert, starting to work for his dad’s company in southern Illinois at age 16. He installed his first geothermal system in 1984. His parents are now retired, but have happily watched as Steve has turned the family business into a thriving Enertech geothermal installation company. He heats and cools his own home and office with geothermal and he’s a strong proponent of the technology. www

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