Why generator installation is easiest during new home construction

| by Mike Gersmeyer
Why generator installation is easiest during new home construction

When it comes to incorporating certain home projects as a builder, timing is everything. Or, at the very least, timing can improve the overall cost and ease of some projects.

For a home builder, standby generator installation for  a home is far and away easiest during the building process, compared to retrofitting a unit in an existing home during a remodel project. Installing a home standby generator  during the building process works best because a builder can plan out any needed electrical connections, cut down on the cost of installation and even roll the cost of the backup generator  into the homeowner’s mortgage.

The Benefits of a Home Standby Generator

Building a case with the homeowner for including a standby generator in their construction plans is fairly straight forward because the statistics speak for themselves: Power outages cost Americans $150 billion annually, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2009. For the uninitiated, standby generators combat many of the problems associated with power outages — spoiled food, extended hotel stays, flooded basements — by keeping a home’s appliances operating when utility power is knocked offline.

Homeowners are always looking for upgrades and distinguishing projects to include in their new home construction that set them apart and increase home value. But now more than ever, those additions need to be practical investments to the home’s livability.

Choosing Between Generator Manufacturers

Adding to the benefit of backup generator installation during the building process are the incentives offered to builders by standby generator manufacturers.  GE Generator Systems provides a “Builders Program” that provides attractive pricing  and other incentives.  No-inventory programs, partnership opportunities, training support, promotional materials and model home incentives are just some of the ways GE Generators Systems  encourages builders to think about adding standby generators to their portfolio of new home construction options.  The “Builders Program” allows the homeowner to get the generator they  want while ensuring the builder makes a good margin on the upgrade.

Browse through the GE Generators site to learn more about generator installation, sizing and cost.

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