Why is your heating system installed backwards?

| by Christian Gilbert
Why is your heating system installed backwards?

Have you ever wondered if your new heating system is installed and running correctly? Are you getting the most of your investment?

At PowerWise Systems, we monitor the performance of heating, cooling, hot water, renewable energy, and other important building systems. After installing our hardware and software, our customers have shared some interesting stories. One customer realized that their solar thermal system was installed backwards. Another customer had contractors who mistakenly connected the wrong supply and return ducts to the ERV. A large non-profit figured out their wind turbine had been installed incorrectly and never produced any electricity.

How would these people know there was a problem, unless they were monitoring the performance?

When you can see the output, costs, and benefits, you can measure the value and impact. High-performance heating, cooling, renewable energy, and hot water systems typically have a time period for a return on investment. If you monitor your system and know it is running correctly, you will on the right track for reaching that goal.

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