Draftproofing Your Home to Keep the Energy In and the Cold Out

Simply by draft-proofing your home, you could reduce your heat loss by 5 to 10 percent.

Insulate Your Home to Keep the Heat In and Your Energy Bills Lower

Adding more insulation or upgrading to a better insulation is a cost effective way to save on energy costs in your home.

The Secret To Good Air Quality: Good Ventilation

To ensure good indoor air quality and manage indoor moisture sources, you need some fresh outside air coming into your home.

Reduce Condensation In Your Home

Hidden condensation can lead to problems in your home such as mold and mildew, resulting in lower indoor air quality.

Some Thermostats Are Smarter Than Others

By installing an Energy Star programmable thermostat and setting it properly, you could save as much as ten percent on your energy bills.

Make Your Holiday Season Bright And Energy Efficient

Some holiday lights are more energy efficient than others, using less energy for the same effect.

Indoor Lighting: Energy Efficient Lighting For Your Home

By combining newer compact fluorescent lights with energy efficient fixtures and lighting controls you can save money not only on your energy costs but also on replacement costs.

Spas and Hot Tubs

Spas and hot tubs use a large amount of energy to operate, but by choosing an energy efficient model, you can still keep your energy costs down.

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