Gas-condensing boiler delivers heat and hot water for homes

In addition to its small footprint, the unit’s ultra-quiet operation makes it the perfect solution for smaller properties.

Bosch unveils new connected thermostat

Bosch Thermotechnology, manufacturer of high-quality heating, cooling and hot water systems, has expanded its portfolio with the new Bosch Connected Control (BCC100). The device is a full-color, 5-inch touchscreen thermostat that brings convenience and functionality to the home with Wi-Fi...

Do You Know the Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater? (Infographic)

Heating water for bathing, washing, cooking and other uses is typically the second largest consumer of energy in a home. The choice of a water heater will impact the long-term cost of living in a home, as well as the...

Flex House Highlights the Concept of Affordable Right-sized Living

Manifesting the concept of right-sized living, the Flex House is designed to help homeowners use exactly the amount of resources they need.

Construction Begins at Whisper Valley Eco Smart Community

All of the homes will be capable of achieving the carbon-neutral standard promoted by the city of Austin for all new construction homes,

New Ductless Mini Splits Handle Single and Multi-Zone Duties

These ultra-quiet, inverter-driven heat pump systems operate with indoor sound levels as low as 20 dBA in “silent mode,” which is quieter than a whisper at a library.

Bosch announces new tankless water heater series

The new year has begun with Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. unveiling a new line of tankless gas condensing water heaters. The Bosch Greentherm 9000 Series offers nine models for high-efficiency domestic hot water in residential or commercial applications, adding new features...

A Look into the Future: 2017 IBS/KBIS Product Intros

t the 2017 International Builder's Show and Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, thousands of building professionals got a look at some of the latest products that will wind up in homes and buildings across the country.

Bosch Launches New Line of Gas Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

The Consumer Technology Association recently recognized the Greentherm 9900i SE model as a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree.

Tankless Water Heater Market Expected to Grow 5.3% Through 2024

Attributes such as low space utilization, high energy efficiency, and superior service life of tankless water heaters are factors driving demand for a tankless water heater.

Tankless Water Heater Named CES Innovation Award Winner

The new Greentherm 9000 series lineup, which will be available in early 2017, offers nine models for high-efficiency domestic hot water in residential or commercial applications

Bosch Joins Zero Energy Ready Home Program

DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes are verified by a qualified third-party and are at least 40-50 percent more energy efficient than a typical new home.

Clarifying the Confusions Over Eco-Friendly Labels

Today's brands are bombarding consumers with hundreds of unsubstantiated claims and catchy phrases in hopes of persuading them to buy a certain product.

New Air Handler Taps Tankless Water Heater for Space Heating

The entire system is easily managed by an integrated control board that connects to the home’s thermostat.

Tame the water and energy-wasting monster in your home

Homeowners, contractors and plumbers are making an eco-friendly change, and fast.

Benefits of geothermal HVAC in commercial applications – Part 1

Geothermal technology is a perfect solution for commercial, residential and multi-unit buildings.

Homes will keep getting smarter

Business Insider Research estimates that connected-home device sales will drive over $61 billion in revenue this year. That number will climb at a 52% compound annual growth rate to reach $490 billion in 2019.

Tankless water heaters already exceed new energy standards

As the NAECA 2015 rules change the water heater landscape by requiring higher efficiency, building professionals and consumers face new challenges when choosing a water heater. Kristen Metropoulos, product manager with Bosch Thermotechnology, reviewed some of the benefits of tankless...

Condensing boilers deliver energy-efficient hot water

Homes can supply radiant heat and hot water needs with a single energy efficient boiler system.

Tankless water heaters can handle home heating duties too

Homes can supply radiant heat and hot water needs with a single energy efficient boiler system.

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