Bosch: Laundry Brochure

Bosch's focus on improving the environment by improving products results in home appliances which help to conserve the planet while saving you money in operating costs.

Bosch: Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch offers vacuum cleaners that not only clean your home but minimize emissions to help you maintain your home's environmental quality. Bosch vacuum cleaners are also extremely versatile, with enough power to clean the biggest messes, but light weight enough that you will reach for them for your smallest chores.

Bosch: Cooling Brochure

In addition to supplying some of the most energy efficient home appliances available, Bosch focuses on integrating many other consumer desirable features into their home appliance lines.

Bosch: Appliances That Do Everything Except Compromise

Bosch is committed to delivering appliances with the highest level of performance with the least impact on the environment, and to demonstrate that commitment, all Bosch appliances are EnergyStar rated.

Bosch: Consumer Products Brochure

Bosch focuses on improving the environment while improving products. Having designed some of the most energy efficient appliances available, Bosch is continuously developing new ways to reduce energy and water usage while maintaining product performance and efficiency.

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