U.S. Made Solar Panels Come to Market

A new line of U.S. made solar panels has come to market to serve the growing demand for home solar power in North America. CertainTeed® Solar is proud to announce its US Series 60 and 72-cell solar modules, with 60 cell power output reaching 305W and 72 cell power output of up to 365W.

Sustainable Design: Proud Green Home of Louisville

The Proud Green Home of Louisville is a sustainable, high performance home that will earn certification from multiple green building organizations.

Air Quality: Proud Green Home of Louisville

The Proud Green Home of Louisville was designed and constructed with healthy living in mind.

Architect Infuses Home with Green Building Passion

Good design pays for itself, and the proof can be seen in the Proud Green Home of Louisville.

Green Builder Realizes Sustainable Vision in Proud Green Home of Louisville

This home reflects what what the builder has learned so far about creating living spaces focused on good health, well-being, energy-efficiency, water-efficiency, durability and social and environmental restoration."

Energy Management: Proud Green Home of Louisville

One of the top goals of the Proud Green Home of Louisville was to create a highly energy efficient yet very livable home.

New App Guides Builders to Choose the Right Insulation

Too many insulation choices can be mind-boggling.

First home certified under Canada's Net Zero Energy program

Reid's Heritage Homes was the first builder in Canada to have a Net Zero Energy (NZE) home qualified under the program.

Saint-Gobain and YouthBuild Philadelphia complete two LEED Platinum home renovations

Sustainable rehabs in Nicetown mark five completed LEED certified projects under the Saint-Gobain and YouthBuild USA national partnership.

New metal roofing exceeds cool rating standards

Roof specifiers and installers can now achieve project goals in fire resistance and solar reflectance more easily. CertainTeed launched the Presidio Metal Roofing, that exceeds the latest editions of industry performance test standards. Introduced last year, the line of steel...

Tough drywall handles loads and abuse

New drywall breaks all the rules for hanging things on the wall and standing up to abuse.

New exterior claddings mimic natural products with zero maintenance

Builders and homeowners love the look of traditional natural finishes, but the maintenance headaches can be a real downer.

Countdown: Top 10 videos of 2015

We're looking back at the most popular videos on ProudGreenHome.com for 2015.

Residential fiberglass insulation now free of formaldehyde

New research shows the light density residential fiberglass insulation industry in the U.S. and Canada has finally eliminated the use of formaldehyde-based binders in its manufacturing. Formaldehyde is a human toxicant with a long history of use in residential insulation,...

New tool calculates roofing ventilation requirements

The new Roofing Ventilation Calculator mobile application gives building professionals a fast and accurate way to determine the amount of ventilation products needed.

One small trip to your attic could lead to big energy savings

In houses across America, poorly sealed and under-insulated attics are taking money out of homeowners’ pockets through high utility bills.

Home makeover winners working on building envelope (video)

A weather-tight home is the goal, as a combination of roofing, housewrap and accessory products are installed on the exterior of the winner's home.

Metal cool roof delivers energy savings with style

Cool roof certified roofing materials help reduce the heating load of a home, and can mimic any style.

Spray foam has built-in ignition barrier to save installation time

Spray foam insulation helps homebuilders tackle tough installation challenges and deliver better energy efficiency.

Active building products help manage indoor air quality

New active building materials can help make homes safer and more comfortable by directly affecting the environment.

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