Ceiling Leaks

Ceiling air leaks need to be fixed prior to installing insulation. If air leaks in the ceiling are not properly sealed beforehand, the time and money spent on insulation will be wasted.

Crawl Space

Many homes lose a significant amount of energy efficiency in the crawl space. Whether your crawl space is ventilated or unventilated, insulating your crawl space is a good investment.

Knee Wall Doors

A knee wall is any wall inside a living space that backs up to an attic. Without proper sealing, hot air from the attic can leak into the living space in summer months, and cold air can seep into the living space in winter months.

Sealing Duct Work

Leaks in the duct system waste both energy and money. By eliminating leakage in the ducts, your home's heating and cooling system can provide comfort with a decreased run-time.

Weather-strip Doors

Weather-stripping doors can dramatically increase your home's energy efficiency and stop those chilly drafts. Add weather stripping to any door in which a 1/8-inch-wide crack exists and air can be felt seeping in through the door.

Knee Walls

A knee wall is any wall that is adjacent to the attic. Without a proper seal in addition to insulation, the extreme heat and cold of your attic can seep through the knee wall and into your living space.

Whole House Fan

A whole house fan is a simple and inexpensive way to cool your home. Whole house fans work to cool your home by drawing cool outdoor air into the home through open windows and exhaust hot air through the attic to the outside.


Compact fluorescent lamps last significantly longer and use less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.

Attic Decking

In an effort to make more storage space, many homeowners install attic decking. Unfortunately, this decking is often installed directly on top of the ceiling joists, not allowing enough space for proper insulation.

Attic Hatch

Many times the attic acess is where poor insulation and improper sealing can cause air leaks that can increase a home's energy costs.

Attic Insulation

A well insulated attic keeps warm air out during summer months and inside during winter months. Attics are one of the easiest areas to add insulation to in your home. There are two types of insulation that work well in the attic, loose-fill and batt.

Attic Pull-Down Stairs

Improperly sealed attic pull-down stairs can reduce the effectiveness of attic insulation by as much as 30%.

Attic Ventilation

In hot weather, proper attic ventilation can reduce roof temperatures, which will save on heating costs and lengthen the life of your roof.


In many homes, it is common to lose up to 30% of a home's heat in the basement. By making your basement more energy efficient, you can lower heating costs and conserve energy.

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