Moisture Issues In Homes With Brick Veneer

Brick veneer is a porous material that can allowing air and water to penetrate in, allowing moisture to move toward the wood framed walls of your home.

Slab Insulation

Slab-on-grade floors provide an inexpensive and versatile foundation. Slabs lose energy mainly due to heat conducted outward and through the perimeter of the slab. By insulating the exterior edge of the slab you can reduce winter heating bills by 10-20 %.

Read This Before You Design, Build, Or Renovate

Many air contaminants are found in higher levels indoors than outdoors. Among them are common asthma triggers, including particles from molds, dust mites, infestations, and pets.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting accounts for 20%-25% of all electricity consumed in the United States. This white paper is an introduction to lighting technology and offers tips on how to choose the best lighting for your home.

Get Sparkling Savings With An Energy Star Qualified Dishwasher

When compared to a pre-1994 dishwasher, Energy Star qualified dishwashers use 48% less energy to run and save on average 8 gallons of water per dish load.

Energy Efficient Appliances

The true cost of an appliance is the purchase price plus the cost to operate and maintain it over its lifetime.

Attic Access

An attic access that is not properly insulated can break the thermal barrier between the attic and the conditioned living space.

Wall Insulation : Provide Moisture Control and Insulation in Wall Systems

The basic elements of an effective wall are airtight construction, moisture control, and complete insulation coverage.

Air Sealing: Seal Air Leaks and Save Energy

Reducing air leakage can significantly cut annual heating and cooling costs and create a healthy indoor environment.

Building Technologies Program: Better Buildings, Brighter Future

The Building Technologies Program invests in innovative technologies to help create energy efficient buildings. Energy efficient buildings use less energy, cost less to operate, and improve comfort.

Spot Ventilation: Source Control to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The use of spot ventilation is an important tool to improve air quality.

Air Sealing: A Guide for Contractors to Share With Homeowners

This guide provides information for contractors and homeowners to identify ways to seal unwanted air leaks in the home while still maintaining healthy levels of ventilation.

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