Energy Star Home Delivers Lower Utility Bills

Despite moving into a larger home, their energy bills were lower than in their previous house.

Dehumidifier Helps Tight Buildings Breathe Better

Modern, efficient building design is great for saving on energy costs — but can lead to poor indoor air quality.

How to Pick Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Although we all know the importance of energy in our daily lives, not all of us use it as efficiently as possible.

Seattle Developer Completes 3 Net Zero Ready Homes

The builder’s goal is to build every home with the ability to produce the same amount of energy as it consumes.

Is It Time for a Home Ventilation Revolution?

Joseph Lstiburek discusses the challenges and some of the barriers facing the industry through building codes and guidelines that actually may be leading to worse indoor air quality.

4 Tips to Prevent a Thanksgiving Energy Bill Spike

The holiday contributes to an annual increase in energy use due to a usual drop in temperatures, lights staying on longer, and appliances operating more frequently.

What's Next? Residential Construction Leaders Predict Green Building Trends

Some builders see high performance building as a differentiator in the market; others adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

Does Your Home Need an Energy Star Makeover? Use This Guide

A local expert in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR can help you uncover the potential of your home.

Behind the Scenes With the DOE Housing Innovation Award Winners

Building homes that produce as much energy as they consume is the goal of the DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home program.

High Performance Homes 'LEED' to Savings for Owners

Of the 647,800 single-family homes build in the United States in 2014, less than 1 percent met LEED standards.

Full Frame R10 Windows Come to Market

Hitting the mark on ‘low incremental cost’ and crossing the commercialization chasm has remained a challenge for the fenestration industry.

Clarifying the Confusions Over Eco-Friendly Labels

Today's brands are bombarding consumers with hundreds of unsubstantiated claims and catchy phrases in hopes of persuading them to buy a certain product.

Delta Products Corporation named 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year (video)

In recognition of its energy-efficient ventilation fans, Delta Products Corporation was recognized with a 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Product Brand Owner Award by the EPA.

New development uses geothermal to reach high performance home certifications

A new 19-home development in Maryland will use geothermal heating and cooling systems to be three times as energy efficient as an Energy Star home.

First net zero townhome complex meets its energy use goals

The zHome was the first net zero energy townhome complex in the United States, and two years of real data shows the homes actually produce as much energy as they use

Modular senior housing communities win LEED Platinum

Two Elite Care senior living communities using modular construction were certified as LEED Platinum.

Chicago boosts energy saving programs for apartment buildings

Apartment buildings in Chicago will be eligible for energy-efficiency improvements designed to save energy and cut costs for building owners and tenants.

Environments for Living offers green building with a guarantee

To make it easier for builders to offer high performance homes, the Environments for Living program provides a roadmap for green building.

Data shows energy efficiency pays off for multifamily housing operator

Jamboree Housing Corporation reports that, based on an internal review of its 2013 operating expenses, the combination of energy efficient design and advanced construction techniques used in its newer developments does, in fact, reduce utility costs.

LED bulb replaces 100-watt incandescent and lasts up to 22 years

GE Lighting’s 100-watt replacement ENERGY STAR-qualified LED was the first to achieve 100 lumens per watt, making it the most efficient bulb of this kind.

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