Energy Star Qualification Criteria For Residential Windows And Skylights

Use this chart from Energy Star as a reference for recommended window and skylight specifications for your climate zone.

ENERGY STAR® Qualification Criteria for Residential Doors

Many doors don't have any glass (like your front door), but even doors with lots of glass (like a sliding patio door) have lower glass-to-frame ratios than windows or skylights. This means doors can provide more insulation than a window or skylight can.

Energy Star Qualified Clothes Washers

When you replace a ten year or older clothes washer with a new, Energy Star qualified model, you can save up to $135 annually on your utility costs.

Clothes Washer Fun Facts

Older model clothes washers use up to four times the amount of energy that a new Energy Star qualified models does. Your old washer could be costing you more money than you think.

Recycle Your Old Clothes Washer; Replace When Needed With Energy Star

When it is time to replace your old model clothes washer, look for a new Energy Star qualified clothes washer. These washers are designed to be energy efficient, using less water and energy to operate.

Clean Up and Disposal Guidelines for CFL Bulbs

CFL bulbs are energy efficient, saving you money on your home's lighting costs. However, due to trace amounts of mercury contained in CFLs, burnt out bulbs should be disposed of properly through a local recycling program.

Energy Fact Sheet: Clothes Washers

High-efficiency clothes washers can save you hundreds of dollars annually on your home's energy costs and thousands of dollars annually on your home's water expenses.

High Efficiency Water Heaters

Water heating is often the third largest energy expense in your home, accounting for nearly 15% of a home's energy costs.

Energy Star Qualified Gas Storage Water Heaters

Energy Star qualified gas storage water heaters are a great choice for energy savings, performance, and reliability.

Energy Star Qualified Solar Water Heaters

An Energy Star qualified solar water heating system can cut your annual hot water costs in half, and is generally designed for use with an electric or gas back-up water heater.

Energy Star Qualified Heat Pump Water Heaters

Energy Star qualified heat pump water heaters can save the average household almost $300 annually on its electric bills compared to a standard electric water heater.

CFL Purchasing Guide

Take the guess work out of selecting the right energy efficient CFL bulbs for your home.

Make Laundry Simple

Purchasing an Energy Star qualified clothes washer can save you as much as $50.00 per year on your energy costs.

Information on Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Mercury

Switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs is an effective, simple way to use less electricity in your home and prevent greenhouse gas emissions.


Every appliance has two price tags: one for the actual price of the appliance and the other for the energy and water it costs to operate it.

Duct Sealing

A duct system that is properly sealed and insulated can make your home more energy efficient, more comfortable, and safer.

Seal and Insulate with Energy Star

One of the most cost effective ways to improve energy efficiency and add comfort to your home is to seal and insulate the 'envelope' of your home.

Guide to Energy-Efficient Windows

Replacing your home's current windows with Energy Star qualified windows will improve your home's comfort, while filtering out harmful ultraviolet light.

Guide to Durable Attics

Keeping attics dry and ventilated will help ensure durability.

Guide to Home Heating and Cooling

If your heating or cooling system is over 15 years old, you can save on electric bills and improve your home's energy efficiency by investing in new equipment.

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