GE Profile Wine and Beverage Centers

GE Profile wine and beverage centers allow you to enjoy the convenience of cold beverages or wine anywhere in the home. These undercounter refrigerators offer the ability to store beverages wherever they are wanted and fit impressively into kitchens, home theatre rooms, built in bars, or the basement.

GE's Nucleus with Brillion Technology: Knowledge Leads to Control

Nucleus shows consumers real-time energy usage, as well as usage history, so they can control not only how much electricity they are using, but when they use it. Ideally, homeowners will shift non-essential energy usage to off-peak time periods when energy rates are less.

GE Silver Series

A unique, versatile, and attention-getting design option, GE in Silver, offers a striking contemporary look. A full line of kitchen appliances is available in GE Silver to complement any kitchen decor and provide the look of stainless steel without the price.

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