At Honeywell, we're always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers so they can focus on what they do best. Homebuilders, heating and cooling contractors, building automation specialists and heating equipment manufacturers rely on the sensing and control expertise and innovation that drives Honeywell's Environmental and Combustion Control (ECC) business.

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Spray Foam Maker Adopts Green Blowing Agent

The spray foam insulation industry is transitioning to next-generation products that help building owners and home owners further improve energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

Production builder adds solar system for low HERS ratings

A new model by Stanley Martin Homes recorded a HERS index of 29, the lowest ever for the company.

Smart thermostat is the center of a connected home

As homes get smarter, there’s a greater integration with mobile devices and appliances to improve comfort and reduce energy use.

Whirlpool, Kohler focus on water use at the ReNEWW House

The next phase for the ReNEWW House is to add net-zero water use in addition to net-zero energy use.

Smart home market set to boom by 2020

The smart home market is forecast to be a $58.68 billion industry by 2020, with a 17% annual growth rate between 2015 and 2020.

Smart thermostat market doubled in 2014

As more homeowners and building professionals come to understand the value of a smart thermostat, the market is expected to soar in the U.S. and Europe.

Tired of the cold? Find out how cozy is your city

As temperatures plummet, many Americans will be looking for ways to stay comfortable and warm this winter, but not all U.S. cities were created equal when it comes to their cozy factor.

1920s bungalow gets deep green retrofit for sustainability studies

The ReNEWW House is a multi-year research project in which a 1920s vintage home is retrofitted into a net-zero energy, water and zero-waste-to-landfill structure.

Whirlpool drives sustainability from factory to home

To make it easier for consumers to go green, appliance manufacturers are building sustainability into their products from the factory floor to the laundry room and kitchen.

Beat the heat with a home air conditioning app

You don't have to accept high summer air conditioning costs, even in a Texas heat wave. Controlling your utility bills can be as easy as using a smartphone app.

ABC Green Home 2.0 ready to break ground

Building on the success of the ABC Green Home 1.0, the 2.0 version of the green building demonstration home will be built and donated to a disabled veteran through Habitat for Humanity.

Smart thermostat adjusts to your busy lifestyle

Your home will know when you're getting close and turn the heat to your comfort zone.

Track local pollen counts and adjust your indoor air purifier remotely

You can track the local pollen count and adjust your air purifier to customize your home's air quality based on your sensitivities and the local conditions. The new Honeywell Bluetooth Smart True HEPA Allergen Remover is the first air purifier...

Wi-Fi thermostats connect your furnace to utility company for energy savings

With Wi-Fi and app access, the new wave of programmable thermostats can deliver comfort, convenience and control, while cutting energy bills. But the benefits don't have to stop at the front door. Honeywell today announced that its full line of...

Voice activated, cloud-connected thermostat puts you in control of your home's climate

While it's not as cool as talking to the computer on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, you can control your home's temperature by saying "Hello Thermostat." That's all it takes to activate the voice control on the new Wi-Fi...

Fight allergy triggers with a HEPA filter for your home

If you're prone to allergies, you can fight airborne allergens, mold spores and even odors with an affordable HEPA air filter for your home or a room. Available just in time for fall allergy season, those prone to stuffy heads...

Do you know what's lurking in your home's air?

Most families don't think about what contaminants could be lurking in their indoor air, so environmental health experts studied the air in two average homes to find out just what people were breathing. Two families – one in New York...

WiFi thermostat gives homeowners remote heating control

Honeywell's new WiFi thermostat lets homeowners control energy use with a connected thermostat that can match the decor of their home. Featuring a touch screen display, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is equipped with mobile and email alerts that put homeowners...

3 ways to generate electricity at home

Generate green electricity and cut your utility bills with three residential power-generation technologies.

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