Mobile app helps homeowners understand spray foam insulation

Homeowners curious about spray foam insulation can educate themselves with a new mobile app from Icynene.

New spray foam insulation formula shortens building occupancy times

Most spray foam applications require the home to be unoccupied for 24 hours to allow VOCs to dissipate, which can slow construction times.

New spray foam cuts re-occupancy time to 4 hours

When installing spray foam, regulations typically require people to stay out of the home for 24 hours. Now new guidelines from Icynene allow for 4-hour re-occupancy for homeowners and trades in the United States for two of its spray foam products.

Great green reads: Top 10 high performance home building articles for 2014

The analytics tell us that readers found these stories of green building achievement to be the most compelling for the year.

RESNET Home Builder Challenge returns

High performance home builders once again can compete for awards in the 2015 RESNET Cross Border Home Builder Challenge. Steve Baden, executive director of Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and John Godden, president of the Canadian counterpart CRESNET, recently announced...

ABC Green Home 2.0 ready to break ground

Building on the success of the ABC Green Home 1.0, the 2.0 version of the green building demonstration home will be built and donated to a disabled veteran through Habitat for Humanity.

Florida development brings net zero homes to the mass market

A 148-home central Florida development may be the sign that net-zero living has gone mainstream.

Open-cell spray foam insulation meets 2012 building code

As the 2012 ICC International Building Code becomes adopted by more states, builders are looking for better spray foam insulation to meet the strict new requirements. Spray foam insulation manufacturer Icynene has unveiled its latest product Icynene Classic Plus, designed...

Next generation closed cell spray foam launched for Canadian market

Building professionals in Canada have a new tool for building high performance homes with the launch of a new closed-cell spray foam from Icynene. Icynene unveiled its latest closed-cell medium density spray foam innovation – Icynene ProSeal. Icynene ProSeal offers...

Spray foam insulation helps Canadian builders meet code requirements

Canadian spray foam insulation manufacturer Icynene has unveiled Icynene Classic Plus designed to help meet the stringent Canadian building code requirements. Complementing its excellent thermal resistance, Icynene Classic Plus’ superior formulation offers excellent adhesion on a broad range of substrates,...

Q&A: deep green home remodel earns EarthCraft Platinum

Green home remodel combines style and efficiency in competitive market.

How to use spray foam insulation to make your home more energy efficient

It is often easy to dismiss the slightest hint of a draft from a light switch or outlet box. Or, the small amount of air movement from an entrance door.

Green building trends and technology at IBS 2014

The International Builders’ Show kicks off the building season for 2014 bringing together the best and brightest in the construction industry. It’s where builders and others in the industry learn about the latest trends in building homes and commercial buildings....

DOE Builders Challenge winner shares green building strategies

Spray foam insulation was one of the key strategies for a tight building envelope.

The future of green building Part 2 (video)

Green building experts give their views on green building in the next 5 to 15 years.

The future of green building Part 1 (video)

Green building experts give their views on green building in the next 5 to 15 years.

The Future of Green Building - Part 2

At Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia, Gary Wollenhaupt, editorial director of, talked to leaders from some of the key companies involved in the green building movement. We asked them what they thought was the future of green building in the next 5 to 15 years. Here are their answers.   See The Future of Green Building - Part 1.

Greenbuild interview - Icynene

Spray foam insulation can perform double duty in a building. Building professionals specify it for the R-value, insulating the home in a cost-effective way. But it also offers a high level of air sealing in the same application. Betsy Cosper...

Water-blown closed cell spray foam boosts environmental credentials

A new closed-cell spray foam that uses water as a blowing agent will make spray foam an even more popular choice for green home building. Icynene has launched a new closed-cell insulation that uses water as the only blowing agent...

Spray foam insulation featured in new Ty Pennington NextGenHomeTV Series (video)

Spray foam insulation, with its energy efficiency and improved home living benefits, is a featured product in a new series hosted by television personality Ty Pennington. Called the ‘First to the Future Home’, the series of programs will be available...

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