Lutron light control products range from individual dimmers to total light management systems.

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RadioRA 2

RadioRA 2 is a wireless, light control system that provides convenient and intuitive control of lights, shades, appliances, and temperature in a single room or throughout a whole home. It installs easily, programs quickly, and operates reliably thanks to Clear Connect RF Technology.

Spacer System: Infrared Preset Lighting Controls

Spacer System is your solution to creating and recalling several lighting scenes at the touch of a button.


AuroRa is a pre-programmed, wireless lighting control system that provides remote control of lights in and around your home.

HomeWorks and Sivoia QED

This brochure from Lutron demonstrates how HomeWorks and Sivoia QED systems combine to enhance every room, every hour of the day.

HomeWorks QS

HomeWorks QS not only integrates the control of all your interior and exterior lighting needs, but also integrates with other manufacturers for audio-visual and HVAC control, and HomeWorks QS does all of that while saving energy.

Choosing the Best Light Source for Your Application

The most common lighting sources for residential applications are incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and each of these lighting choices performs differently in the performance categories to be considered when selecting lighting.

The Economics of Dimming

Lutron residential dimmers save energy and money in electric costs and are priced so that they pay for themselves in 1 to 2 years.

Abella and Ceana Dimmers and Switches

If you've ever turned off the light in your bedroom and then run into every obstacle on the way to your bed, or if you've ever had trouble finding the bathroom light switch in the middle of the night, then the Abella and Ceana products are right for you.

Maestro Collection of Dimmers and Accessories

Lutron has the lighting solutions to help you optimize energy performance in your home as well as enhance your life with the convenience and comfort of light control, and the Maestro collection does both.

Vierti Single-Touch Dimmer

The Vierti dimmer by Lutron redefines the style and function found in today's lighting controls and allows you to set the mood in a room with the slightest touch or slide of your finger.

Maestro Wireless

Using Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) Technology, Maestro Wireless gives a single Pico wireless control the power to control up to 10 Maestro wireless dimmers and switches at distances of up to 100 feet.

Controlling LEDs

LEDs are the new, hot item on the shelf, and everyone wants to use them, but often they don't know how. LEDs are good for general illumination, but at times the light is more intense than needed or desired, but they can be dimmed with the right technology.

Building Dimmers vs. Building Power Plants

This simple 8 page white paper by Dr. Ian Rowbottom illuminates why it is 4 to 22 times more expensive to build electric generating capacity than it is to conserve capacity through the use of dimmers.

Dimmable CFL and LED Bulb List

Compact fluorescent lamps use less energy and last 8-10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. Whether you have a wall mounted or tabletop dimmer, use this chart to help you select the correct dimmable CFL.

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