Furnaces: Get The Right Heating System

Energy Star labeled products use less energy than standard models, saving you money on your energy costs. When considering a new furnace, look for two basic features, sealed combustion and a 90% efficiency condensing furnace.

Set Back Your Thermostat

In the winter, you can save energy by setting back the temperature when your are asleep or not at home.

LED Holiday Lights

LED holiday lights are an energy efficient choice when compared to standard incandescent holiday lighting. LEDs use up to 95% less energy and last ten times longer than standard bulbs.

Water Heaters

Water heating can accounts for 15% to 18% of a home's utility bill. While lowering your hot water consumption can have a significant impact on your energy bill, purchasing a new energy efficient water heater can have long term savings.

Exterior Wall Insulation

By insulating empty wall cavities with blown-in insulation, you can make your home more energy efficient and save money on your home's energy costs.

Appliance Energy Costs

Some appliances cost little to operate while others consume large amounts of energy.

Laundry Fact Sheet

Whether washing or drying your laundry, there are many energy efficient ways to cut energy costs in the laundry room.

Lighting: Bright New Ideas

By choosing energy efficient lighting for your home, you can reduce your home's energy costs.

Energy-Saving Tips for All Seasons

You can save money and energy throughout the year with these energy saving ideas, while still maintaining your home's comfort level.

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