Energy Innovation: How A Home Becomes Green

earn more about green home concepts by using this 3D cut away of a typical home.

Kitchen Remodeling: Strategies For Energy Efficiency

A kitchen remodeling project offers many opportunities for improving energy efficiency. Improvements such as air sealing, insulation, installing energy efficient windows, lighting, and purchasing energy efficient appliances can produce a high quality renovation that is comfortable, efficient, and cost effective.

Bathroom Remodeling: Strategies For Energy Efficiency

A bathroom remodeling project offers many opportunities for improving energy efficiency. The five key areas for energy efficiency in a bathroom remodel include hot water savings, lighting, proper insulating, air sealing. and adequate ventilation.

Room Additions: Strategies For Energy Efficiency

Adding an addition to your home offers many opportunities for improving energy efficiency. Understanding how the addition will work as part of the whole house system will affect your approach to adding a room addition.

Product Technologies and Reviews: Ultra Concrete Barrier rFoil

Ultra Concrete Barrier rFoil is a single layer of highly reflective aluminum foil sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene bubbles for use as a radiant barrier for concrete slab foundations. This product can be applied as a replacement or as a complement to rigid insulation in conjunction with concrete slab foundations.

NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines: Regionally Adapted and Certified by Build Green NM

We cannot avoid impacting the environment when we build a house, but green building can work toward minimizing that environmental impact. During the process of building a green home, a builder takes numerous considerations into account simultaneously and consciously incorporates environmental issues into all decisions.

National Green Building Certification: National Green Building Standard Overview

This document from the NAHB Research Center describes how the National Green Building Standard distinguishes itself from other green building rating systems in five key areas.

Energy Innovation: How Homes Become Green

Download this easy to read one-page document to learn about sixteen steps homeowners can take to turn new construction and existing structures into green homes.

Key points on National Association of Home Builders’ Model Green Home

The National Association of Home Builders' Model Green Home offers a measuring stick for builders interested in green building products and practices, residential design, development and construction. This guide provides a basic overview of tools builders can use to reduce a home's environmental impact.

Green Home Building Rating Systems - A Sample Comparison

Green Home Building Rating Systems - A Sample Comparison

The recent emergence of three national green home building rating systems has resulted in questions regarding the cost of compliance with each system.

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