Water Heating: The Solar Advantage

Using the sun for water heating is a natural way to conserve resources, protect the environment, and save money on monthly utility bills. Although a solar water heating system may cost more upfront than other conventional water heating options, solar water heating can save money for years to come.

A Consumer's Guide to the California Solar Initiative Statewide Incentives for Solar Energy Systems

The California Solar Initiative is helping to make the clean, reliable, and inexhaustible energy of the sun into a power source for homes and businesses statewide. Making your home or business energy efficient before going solar, is an essential first step.

Residential Rebate Catalog: Saving Energy for a Brighter Future

Pacific Gas and Electric offers rebates to customers on hundreds of energy efficient products and improvements for your home.

Take Care of the System That Takes Care of You

You can save money, energy, and lower your impact on the environment by keeping your central heating system in proper working order. The first place to start is your furnace itself. By following simple maintenance steps you could save 10% or more on your heating costs.

Air Conditioner: Refrigerant Charge and Airflow

Air conditioning can account for up to 1/2 of your home's summertime energy costs. To keep your system operating at its peak performance, you should have a yearly maintenance check up, including a refrigerant charge and airflow check.

Cool-Energy Saving Tips

Save energy year round with these ideas on how to save energy 365 days of the year.

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