Wood and Green Building: Using Wood to Fight Climate Change

While green building standards are generally voluntary, governments at all levels are setting increasingly strict energy and carbon dioxide reduction targets for residential and commercial construction. This brochure describes how building materials compare in these areas.

Wood and Green Building: Home Builder Guidelines

The two residential green building programs described in this brochure are national in scope, encompass all aspects of green building and highlight the main differences in how wood is treated. Both are points-based systems that can be used to achieve a certified rating of performance.

Wood and Green Building: The Role of Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is an essential part of green building because it offers an objective and consistent way to measure the environmental impact of building materials and assemblies. LCA considers materials over the course of their entire lives, from...

Wood and Green Building: LEED vs. GREEN GLOBES

Growing interest in buildings that are better for the environment, healthier for occupants and more cost-efficient to operate is helping to drive the popularity of green building rating systems such as LEED and Green Globes.

Life Cycle of Wood Building Products

According to the Southern Forest Products Association, wood is the responsible choice for building professionals. That's why wood products are increasingly being recognized as tools to combat climate change.

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