Siding With Vinyl

Vinyl is the most energy-efficient major plastic. It is largely derived from salt, an abundant and inexpensive resource. Vinyl products consume less energy, generate fewer emissions and save more energy than many competitive products.

Side Trips: Stories of Why America Sides With Vinyl

When this upscale Atlanta condominium community needed to replace its current 20 year exterior cladding they looked at replacement with vinyl siding or fiber cement.

Certified Vinyl Siding

By choosing certified vinyl siding for your home you can be sure that it meets or exceeds industry standard for quality and performance, will retain its color, and will be able to withstand the effects of the elements and heavy wind.

Polypropylene Siding: Certified for Performance

Certified polypropylene siding is manufactured to meet certain criteria for performance by undergoing a series of tests and inspections.

Taking Sides: There’s no shortage of cladding options for green homes. Here’s what to weigh when making your selections.

Although many products are available, there is not perfect exterior cladding product. Choosing a siding material depends on what's suitable and allowable in your specific location.

Siding With The Environment

Vinyl siding offers excellent overall environmental performance compared to other exterior cladding throughout its lifecycle.

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