Uponor sets the highest standards for plumbing, heating and residential fire protection through four fully integrated, tested and supported systems, all featuring Engel method PEX-a tubing and an assortment of complementary fittings and accessories.

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Uponor: Water for Life, Plumbing for a Lifetime

Uponor was the first to introduce crosslinked polyethylene tubing (PEX), and today Uponor PEX is the clean and green alternative for residential plumbing applications.

Uponor Snow and Ice Melting Systems

The Uponor snow-melting system circulates warm water through durable crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing embedded in concrete, turf, asphalt, or sandbed. The warmth from the water warms the surface to a temperature that melts snow and ice on contact.

Uponor Climate Control Network System

Uponor Climate Control home comfort systems offer state-of-the-art technology with flexible placement and easy installation. These systems integrate all the heating. cooling, ventilation and humidification devices into a single platform which can be controlled locally or remotely.

Uponor Radiant Floor Heating

In a radiant floor heating system, warm water flows through tubes located underneath the floors, and that warmth radiates up from the floors and warms everything it comes in contact with. Furthermore, radiant heating works under any type of floor covering; carpet, wood, slate, tile, linoleum, and even concrete, making design possibilities endless.

Uponor Sustainability Solutions

Uponor is committed to innovative solutions that conserve water, use less energy and reduce environmental impacts to help you achieve your green building goals.

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