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Alchemy Architect's distinct hands-on approach to architecture combines a playful design process, collaborative relationships with clients, and partnerships with builders and fabricators, to create a harmonious blend of site, building, and community. With sustainable practices as a mainstay of our daily work, Alchemy utilizes recycling and reuse along with building strategies to reduce waste. Their multidisciplinary team draws inspiration from art, literature, history, and leading creative thinkers to create alternative and atypical project solutions. Alchemy's innovation on the weeHouse prefab system and "tightwad panache" renovations has gained recognition on an international scale.

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While Alchemy is known internationally for our design of the weeHouse, a large portion of Alchemy’s business is more traditional architectural design services including new builds, commercial projects, remodels, renovations, and general design consultation.  As architects, our job is to solve design problems and help bring your ideas to reality.

Alchemy’s completion of the first weeHouse in 2003, then just an inexpensive prefab cabin, gained international attention as a symbol of architectural optimism. Since then, Alchemy has widened its scope, developing the weeHouse as a prefabricated answer for cabins, houses, offices, rooftop studios, and multi-unit developments, and has completed over 3 dozen prefabricated projects around the United States.

Whether you are looking to build a single site-built 200 square foot studio or a 75 unit prefab condominium, be sure to contact us and we will further evaluate your project needs.  We work on both a project fee and hourly basis depending on project specifics.

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