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The weeHouse is a modular prefabricated housing system that optimizes many elements of the traditional design-build process.  Building in a factory setting allows for increased accuracy, building envelope tightness, less waste material, time efficiencies and numerous other factors that make modular construction both economical and ecologically sound.  Every weeHouse is custom built to suit your specific site and budgetary needs.


Led by Geoffrey Warner AIA, Alchemy’s custom projects have received numerous prestigious design awards, have been included in major museum shows,  and have been published world-wide.


There are many benefits to building in a factory; consistently perfect building weather, less material damage, less moisture infiltration, better sealant adhesion, less material waste compared to equivalent site-built homes through precision cutting and material reuse, and lastly, less travel to the jobsite by numerous contractors.


Alchemy offers a series of green options, even above the already environmentally friendly prefabrication process, including off-the-grid living in a weeZero!  Every weeHouse is sealed airtight prior to the final sheathing application.  Spray foam insulation ensures a tight building envelope, high sound insulation, and 2x higher R-value ratings.


From the floors to the windows, the products used in every weeHouse were carefully chosen based on their durability, sustainability, and overall quality.


The weeHouse is typically 10-15% less expensive than conventional construction.  Compared to similar modern custom architecture, the weeHouse brings high quality at an accessible cost.  


The weeHouse simplifies the design and build process by managing the modular construction and partnering with a local contractor to prepare your site.


Inspired by sustainable design principles, such as building small and efficient, the weeHouse acts to offset prevalent practices of overbuilding by bringing smart design to modern homes.


Building in a factory minimizes weather, labor and other common construction issues which all help expedite the building process.


Sturdy, well-built modules constructed to withstand the stresses of shipping and craning.


Simply put, weeHouses are really cool!  weeHouse custom doorbells, lights, hardwood flooring, drawer pulls, and other speciality designer chosen products are in every weeHouse!

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