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Architects who create pioneering building strategies, project developers who manage construction projects, and property developers and users of office buildings, industrial halls, supermarkets and hypermarkets all have one thing in common – they need innovative building solutions and services that improve the energy efficiency and environmental impact of their buildings in the long term, and thus also play a part in boosting the profitability of the companies concerned.

Today we offer you the EcoCommercial Building program, an smart concept enabling decision-makers to implement sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical building projects. We provide the integrated material and strategy solutions you need to keep pace with the constant changes in urban development and the limitations of energy resources in the future.

Sustainable construction as an all-in solution is a novel idea in the construction industry.

Bayer MaterialScience has set a further milestone with the development of the EcoCommercial Building Program and its services, e.g. consulting and providing access to a large interdisciplinary network of partners.

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