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Tax Credits and financing options for your GeoComfort geothermal system.

  • Residential Energy-Efficient Property Credit. A 30% tax credit for the installation of a ground source heat pump (geothermal system) with no cap was enacted in 2009. This Tax credit is available through the end of 2016.


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Products and Services

GeoComfort geothermal systems throughout Central Minnesota

We are proud to offer the complete line of all configurations of GeoComfort geothermal systems throughout Minnesota including the lakes area of Minnesota, Midwest Minnesota, Central Minnesota, and the Ottertail area of Minnesota. This includes a wide variety of geothermal systems in combination, packaged, and split that provide energy efficient geothermal power for new and retrofit – remodeled homes, shops, and agricultural buildings. Learn more »

Geothermal ground loops in Central Minnesota

Geothermal ground loop allows the proper heat exchange for Central Minnesota. A geothermal system uses fusion pipe and fittings to create a ground loop that allows a highly efficient heat transfer of the relatively constant temperature of the earth. A properly installed geothermal system as designed and installed by Brogard will provide you as The US EPA reports: a heating and cooling system using geothermal energy is the most energy efficient form of heating and cooling available. Learn more »

Geothermal Retrofit for Your Existing Home in Central Minnesota

Geothermal retrofit for your existing home in Central Minnesota. Enjoy all the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling with a minimum of alterations to your home, often using the existing ductwork and mechanical systems and spaces. Learn more »

Heating water with your Central Minnesota geothermal system

Water heating in combination with your Central Minnesota geothermal system can easily save 50% of the cost to heat water year round, and during the summer, the cost to heating water occurs at little additional cost to the operation of the energy efficient geothermal system. We offer many options of programmable and non-programmable thermostats to use in combination with your geothermal system, in perfect configuration relative to your desires. Learn more »

GeoComfort Manufacturer’s Geothermal Warranty throughout Central Minnesota

Brogard proudly offers and backs the GeoComfort manufacturer’s geothermal warranty throughout Central Minnesota, and we offer additional warranty options that provide many people additional peace of mind…Call for information specific toyour needs. Learn more »

Geothermal system service throughout Central Minnesota including emergency response

Service including emergency response: We make sure that we are very available and sensitive to your home comfort when you need help…whether it involves a new HVAC or geothermal system installation, air conditioning or heating system repair or system maintenance. Learn more »

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306 Industrial Drive
PO Box 336
Henning, MN 56551


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