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ClearEdge Power offers a solution for high utility bills. Begin saving money and energy with a single, compact home fuel cell system. You can depend on the ClearEdge5 for electricity, heat and clear environmental benefits. Cost efficient and reliable, our unit is eligible for utility rebates and government incentives. In addition, the unit is not affected by seasonality and provides power year round, making it a better, more reliable choice than other energy alternatives.

Saving Starts at Home
There is never a good time to waste money, and with the economy struggling and inflation expected to rise, now is the time to invest in a more cost-effective energy solution. The ClearEdge5 uses proven fuel cell technology to convert natural gas into electricity and heat from a single, abundant fuel source.

With operating costs as low as 6¢ per kWh, this on-site system will deliver the strongest return on investment – decreasing electricity bills by as much as 50% – for homes that spend $1,000 or more a month on electricity or use at least 43,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) a year. Discover how the highly efficient ClearEdge5 fuel cell system can:

  • Decrease your monthly energy bills

  • Compliment your current energy sources

  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

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