EcoDrain | High-Performance Shower Heat Exchanger

Discover technology that is as good for the environment as it is good for your comfort and your wallet. As EcoDrain™ captures the wasted energy from your shower’s hot water to pre-heat fresh water going to the water heater, your heater doesn’t have to work as hard. Ready to save money, reduce you carbon footprint or simply enjoy more hot water?

Effectiveness is a measure of the performance of a heat exchanger. It is measured as the ratio of the temperature gained in the preheated water versus the total potential gain. The EcoDrain A1000, with a heat transfer length of 44”, at an equal flow of 9.5 litres per minute (2.5 gpm), will recover between 37.5% and 45% of the heat going down the drain.

Easy to Install

If you are redoing one or more bathrooms, building a new home or choosing new bathroom fixtures, it’s the ideal time to install EcoDrain™. To maximize ease-of-installation, we designed the A1000 EcoDrain™ to work horizontally. So, even if you are not building or remodeling, a plumber or a handy do-it-yourselfer can install EcoDrain™ at any time.

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Products and Services

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How Does a Hot Water Heat Exchanger Work?

What goes on inside an EcoDrain™ hot water heat exchanger? A lot, even thought there are no moving parts and EcoDrain™ requires no electricity to operate. Learn more »
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