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We believe in GeoComfort geothermal systems. GeoComfort geothermal systems are:

  • Geothermal systems built in the United States
  • Extremely high quality, with manufacturing confidence that allows a GeoComfort geothermal, ground source heat pump to have the strongest warranty in the geothermal industry
  • Extremely energy efficient geothermal product design
  • GeoComfort systems are built by a company devoted to geothermal…no conflict of interest with significantly less energy efficient conventional heating and cooling system.


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Products and Services

In floor radiant heating throughout Kansas

Merle Flaming’s Geothermal will design a geothermal system for your residence anywhere in central Kansas to accommodate the benefit of in floor radiant heat if that is your desire. Learn more »

Geothermal Water heating systems

Flaming’s Geothermal often combines water heating in combination with geothermal systems throughout central Kansas. The result is energy cost savings that always save energy cost, sometimes as much as 50% or more when compared to a conventional heating and cooling system. Heating of water during the summer months can occur at little if any additional cost to operating the energy efficient geothermal system. Learn more »

Ground Source heat pump and ground loops

Geothermal systems everywhere including central Kansas have a ground source heat pump that energy efficiently exchanges the temperatures of your home throughout the year with the constant and relatively moderate temperature of the earth. This ground source, geothermal heat pump utilizes loops into the earth that exchange the temperatures. Learn more »

Geothermal retrofitting throughout Kansas

Flaming’s Geothermal provides geothermal systems for new home construction, and for remodeled homes or in homes that have a worn out conventional system, often using the pre-existing mechanical components and space. Learn more »

Geothermal systems for agricultural

Flaming’s Geothermal is experienced in designing and installing a geothermal system for your agricultural building or barn in central Kansas. Throughout central Kansas agricultural buildings and barns enjoy all the home geothermal benefits. Learn more »

Tax Credits and other Incentives

Flaming’s Geothermal will assist you with claiming the 30% federal tax credit that is available on geothermal systems installed all throughout central Kansas. Learn more »

Service for geothermal systems

Your Flaming’s Geothermal, geothermal system anywhere in central Kansas assures your home and / or building greater, more efficient performance and the best value possible. These benefits at the end of the day are active by way of the education that Flaming’s geothermal has gained through years of servicing many different systems and many different HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) brands throughout central Kansas. All other forms of heating and cooling and all brands of heating and cooling equipment is okay at least, but Flaming’s has learned through experience how to make the best recommendation to optimize your systems efficiency while staying sensitive to your budget. Learn more »

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113 South 2nd Street
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