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Fowler offers geothermal pool heaters and spa heaters throughout Southern Illinois.

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Benefits of geothermal systems

The benefits of your geothermal system throughout Southern Illinois include ALL ofthe following: Learn more »

Geothermal ground source heat pump throughout south Illinois

Fowler will recommend the proper geothermal ground source heat pump for the heating and cooling of your geothermal residence, and will specify the optimum geothermal ground loop to assure that your South Illinois geothermal system is high performance, with the best possible value.  We at Fowler are proficient with all forms of geothermal ground loops throughout Southern Illinois including open and closed systems, vertical and horizontal, horizontal boring and water, pond or lake loops. Learn more »

High efficiency air filters

Fowler provides high efficiency media air filters throughout Southern Illinois. Learn more »

Indoor Air Quality with UV lights

Fowler can provide UV lights to improve indoor air quality in homes throughout Southern Illinois. Learn more »

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423 South Court Street
Marion, IL 62595


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