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Radiant floor heat keeps your feet warm in the wintertime by delivering heat through the flooring itself and not through a venting system. Radiant floor systems are either electric or hydronic. A wide array of flooring types are available to place over the radiant heat system. Depending on which flooring type is selected, the radiant heat system underneath may require adjustment.

Our customers often consider the benefits of in floor radiant heating, conceived with their geothermal system. Customers love in floor radiant heat because their homes and buildings are more comfortable without virtually any hot or cold spots.

In floor radiant heat systems in combination with geothermal systems appreciate higher indoor air quality.  In floor radiant heat with a geothermal system significantly diminishes airborne substances compared to conventional HVAC systems. The benefits for many customers and thier pets are results of greater comfort including fewer respiratory and allergy symptoms.

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Hi-Tech Geothermal and Heating Company serves West Central Wisconsin and East Central Minnesota including St. Paul, Minnesota from one location:

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Water heating merged with a geothermal HVAC ground source heat pump, geothermal system will save significant energy costs for all our geothermal customers throughout West Central Wisconsin and East Central Minnesota. Learn more »
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