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Ionic Paint Additive | Permanent Smoking & Pet Odor Eliminator

Healthy indoor air quality is critical – especially for those who are susceptible to respiratory ailments such as, colds, viruses and bacteria. Ionic Paint Additive, an award winning technology by Air-ReNu (patent pending), can permanently eliminate smoking odors, cat urine odors, and improve indoor air quality.

Ionic Paint Additive is a blend of 27 natural inorganic minerals made from a variety of elements: aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and lithium. These minerals are grounded into micro-particles, creating an additive that easily mixes with interior house paint. When the additive is mixed with interior house paint and applied to the walls within a home or office, the treated surface becomes a permanent air purification system. Painted surfaces containing Ionic Paint Additive will remain effective for eight to twelve years, keeping your home or office environment, free of offensive odors.

The science behind the technology is air ionization. The purification process is activated by normal air movement (convection current) within a room. As the warmer air passes over the treated wall surface, electrified atoms (anions) are released, which are electrostatically attracted to the positively charged floating dust particles, which contain the odors and toxins; these are oxidized and removed from the air.

Products and Services

Ionic Paint Additive | Eliminate Odors in Your Home

Ionic Paint Additive eliminates odors associated with airborne toxins, tobacco smoke, pet dander, cat urine and cooking. Learn more »

Ionic Paint Additive | Get Rid of Cigarette Smell and Smoking Odors

Ionic Paint Additive eliminates tobacco smell and other smoking odors. Learn more »

Ionic Paint Additive | Eliminate Pet Dander

Ionic Paint Additive creates a permanent air purification system on your walls and helps remove pet dander. Learn more »
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Ionic Paint Additive

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Ionic Paint Additive