Sustainability involves using resources more efficiently and in ways which benefit the environment, customers, business and local communities. Operating our business more sustainably means considering the environmental impacts of operations in Lowe's stores, offices and supply chain and considering the lifecycle impact of the products and services used and sold.

To operate more sustainably, Lowe's will strive to:

  • Provide customers with environmentally-responsible products, packaging and services at everyday low prices;
  • Educate and engage employees, customers and others on the importance of conserving resources, reducing waste and recycling;
  • Use resources – energy, fuel, water and materials – more efficiently and responsibly to minimize our environmental footprint;
  • Establish sustainability goals and objectives;
  • Review and communicate progress made toward achieving established goals and objectives; and
  • Engage on public policy issues related to sustainability.

To learn more about important topics such as climate change and supply chain resource efficiency, Lowe's will foster relationships with organizations engaged in developing collaborative sustainable business strategies. Through these relationships, we will endeavor to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as well as develop a more sustainable approach to our business operations.

To become a more sustainable organization, Lowe's will seek to engage business units and suppliers to improve the environmental aspects of the products sold, services provided and business operations. Our goal is to operate more sustainably, while maintaining a safe and comfortable working and shopping environment. To reach that goal, Lowe's will continue to seek cooperative relationships with appropriate government programs (such as ENERGY STAR® and SmartWay®) and with relevant organizations in the communities we serve.

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