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Norbord is an international producer of affordable, sustainable, and durable wood-based panels. Homeowners want lower energy costs, better indoor air quality and improved resales value. Builders need solutions that help them meet codes easily while reducing costs and increasing profits. All of Norbord's products (see below) will help meet these objectives.

Norbord Roof Sheathing Products

Solarbord Radiant Barrier Sheathing


Norbord Wall Sheathing Products

TallWall Wall SheathingWindstorm


Norbord Sub-Floor Products

Pinnacle Sub-Floor Panels

Products and Services

Radiant Barrier Sheathing

A house protected by Solarbord® radiant barrier sheathing has a head start on comfort. Up to 97% of radiant heat from the sun is reflected by Solarbord, so the attic will be as much as 30° cooler. This means the rest of the house will certainly be cooler too. Cooler attic. Cooler house. Learn more »

High Wind Wall Sheathing Meets Hurricane Code

With the Windstorm Method for high wind framing construction you will meet hurricane code without the expense and hassle of installing unnecessary hardware, cutting and installing blocking. This translates into savings of up to $1000 per house in construction material, labor and waste using Windstorm wall sheathing. Learn more »

Reduce Air Leakage with Wall Sheathing

Tallwall wall sheathing offers an easy, efficient way to eliminate unnecessary horizontal joints altogether, thus significantly reducing wall air leakage. Problem solved. Best of all, TallWall wall sheathing presents no unusual installation issues and requires no special training of trades. Learn more »
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