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First Nations Helping Homes Project Uses Stone Wool Insulation

The program allows lower income families to realize homeownership, while maintaining a traditional hunting and trapping lifestyle.

Stone wool insulation delivers sustainability and resiliency

Stone wool insulation offers a combination of sustainability in production in the built environment as well as a high level of resiliency.

Roxul opens US stone wool insulation production

US builders will have easier access to stone wool insulation sources.

Green building success can start with standard construction methods and high performance insulation

Green home builder Babyfoot Development is developing custom homes that use 90 percent less heating and 60 percent less cooling energy than a standard home. One of the ways that's possible is the use of high-performance mineral wool insulation from...

Rock wool insulation creates a quieter home life (video)

All around us, life is getting louder. As most homeowners know, the sounds of portable electronics, blaring music and snoring spouses can quickly invade peaceful rooms, making them less than relaxing. To effectively reduce sound transmission between rooms, homeowners should look at what's in their walls.

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