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When Schuster installs in floor radiant heating in combination with your geothermal system throughout Eastern Iowa, Dubuque, Iowa, Northwest Illinois and Southwest Wisconsin tri-state area, you will immediately enjoy all the following:

  • Superior comfort Warm, cozy tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Energy savings between 20 to 40%
  • Zoning ability literally room by room
  • Easy interior design without concern of hampering heat distribution or coping with unsightly heating sources
  • Clean and draft free-no noisy fans
  • This desirable benefit increases the value of your home


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Products and Services

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps (or ground source) heating and cooling, or in today’s terms, a geothermal system is enabled by using ground loops that allow highly efficient heat transfer of the relatively constant temperature of the earth. The US EPA reports that geothermal energy is the most energy efficient form of heating and cooling available. Learn more »

Ground Loops Expertise

Schuster is thoroughly experienced in all forms of ground loops and will recommend the best system assuring best performance and value. This includes open and closed systems, vertical and horizontal, horizontal boring and water, pond or lake loops. Learn more »

Water Heating with Geothermal

Water heating in combination with your geothermal system can easily save 50% of the cost to heat water. During the summer, heating of water occurs at little additional cost to the operation of the energy efficient geothermal system. Learn more »

Geothermal System Service including Emergency Response

We provide service including emergency response throughout Dubuque, Iowa, eastern Iowa, southwest Iowa, and northwest Illinois. We make sure that we are very available and sensitive to your home comfort when you need help…whether it involves a new HVAC or geothermal system installation, air conditioning or heating system repair or system maintenance. Learn more »

Goethermal Retrofit to fit your Home

Enjoy all the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling with a minimum of alterations to your home, often using the existing ductwork and mechanical spaces. Learn more »

Tax Credits and Other Incentives

Tax Credits and financing options for your GeoComfort geothermal system Learn more »

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15674 Key City Lane
Peosta, IA 52068


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