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TETCO Geothermal Systems

The “grand daddy” of residential geothermal systems, TETCO Geothermal Systems was founded in 1977. The makers of TETCO products have always been dedicated to the geothermal concept and continue to demonstrate passion for the technology in the design features of the TETCO product line. Environmentally conscious homeowners were installing TETCO geothermal heat pumps before the term “geothermal heat pump” was even being used, thus the name TETCO (Thermal Energy Transfer Company).

Enertech's corporate office (pictured left) and manufacturing facility (pictured right)
Enertech Corporate OfficesEnertech Manufacturing Facility

Enertech Global, LLC, produces TETCO geothermal systems. Enertech is a small, closely held company doing big things. The company's sole focus is on making the best geothermal heating and cooling equipment possible. For them, this means a relentless focus on quality, innovation and ensuring the dealers and installers of our equipment have the best training available. For you, this means quality you can trust, technology you can rely on, and accountability to you, the homeowner, instead of shareholders.

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TETCO Geothermal Systems

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