Kristen Metropoulos

How to mix radiant and forced air heating and cooling

Many homeowners would like the comfort and efficiency of a radiant heating system, but are unfamiliar with how it could integrate with a forced air system.

How to use radiant heating in different climate zones

You can incorporate radiant heating into many types of HVAC systems, depending on where the home is located.

Benefits of geothermal HVAC in commercial applications – Part 2

With geothermal in commercial scale buildings, there are economies of scale that make it more efficient than in single-family dwellings.

Benefits of geothermal HVAC in commercial applications – Part 1

Geothermal technology is a perfect solution for commercial, residential and multi-unit buildings.

Benefits of geothermal radiant heat

As homeowners and builders look for greater comfort and efficiency, radiant heating is becoming more popular.

Choosing radiant heat or forced air

Heating and cooling is the biggest cost of operating your home. So making the right choice can make a difference in utility costs each month – not to mention comfort.

Homes will keep getting smarter

Business Insider Research estimates that connected-home device sales will drive over $61 billion in revenue this year. That number will climb at a 52% compound annual growth rate to reach $490 billion in 2019.

Tankless water heaters already exceed new energy standards

As the NAECA 2015 rules change the water heater landscape by requiring higher efficiency, building professionals and consumers face new challenges when choosing a water heater. Kristen Metropoulos, product manager with Bosch Thermotechnology, reviewed some of the benefits of tankless...

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