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Marla Esser / Marla works with home builders, architects and homeowners to differentiate their homes with the value and benefits of green or high performance. From her work creating an online owners’ manual for green and greener homes to her work in national and local businesses, groups and associations, she has learned about linkages between homes, people and businesses. Marla offers a unique perspective of these connections and linkages especially between home building, women in business and homes, as well as entrepreneurial/small business groups. People work with her for this unique perspective to help voice the value and benefits of homes, especially connecting with women in the equation, to sell or invest better and at higher value.
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Green Gab Podcast | Breathe Well – A Conversation About the Air You Breathe in Your Home

All of us want to breathe well in our homes. Yet often, the indoor air quality or the indoor environment, may not be allowing us to breathe as well as we want. There are immediate actions all of us can take to breathe well in our homes.

Green Gab Podcast | Energy Independence with Brilliance

Gabbing about lighting and how it is brilliant – both in beauty and practicality.

Green Gab Podcast | Zip the Coat for Your Home - Energy Efficiency Basics

A basic understanding of the energy efficient practices and features in a home and the anatomy of a typical green home provides a starting place for understanding the terminology used when building an energy efficient home.

Green Gab Podcast | Affordable Does Not Mean Cheap

Habitat for Humanity helps many people have a home of their own.  Gabbing with Michelle Woods with Habitat for Humanity- St. Charles.

Green Gab Podcast | Where a Home Lives

Good old common sense is really the foundation for the basic principles of green home. It does seem that sometimes common sense is not so common. One of the basic premises of green design is lot and site or rather...

Green Gab Podcast | Green Living, Saving Ourselves

What does green living really entail and how can it help save ourselves? Join the gab about green living and consumer education for homeowners and residents to learn how to live greener. Green living can start with our buying choices...

Green Gab Podcast | 15 years of Green Buildings are Better

15 years of Green Buildings Are Better in the St. Louis Metro brings Hope Gribble of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) – Missouri Gateway Chapter to the studio to gab with us.

Green Gab Podcast | Preserving a bit of History, the city’s or your own

Gabbing about green remodeling in historic homes and general remodeling projects with a green tint with Kate Ewing of Mosby Building Arts.

Green Gab Podcast | What the Heck is a REC?

Find out what the heck a REC is today with Kathleen Beebe. Kathleen gabs with us about Ameren's Pure Power voluntary renewable energy program and the impact it is having in the St. Louis area.

Green Gab Podcast | Foodies rejoice, energy efficient appliances are it!

Gabbing about food and appliances with Joan Hart of Autco Home. She inspires and educates us in the world of resource efficient appliances.

Green Gab Podcast | The art of the science

Gabbing a little science – building science, that is. This episode shares how Building Science brings another perspective to home improvement and can lead to a better overall outcome for the health and comfort of the residents of the home.

Green Gab Podcast | Financing your green dream home

Gabbing about financing for green home projects with Trisha McConkey of Associated Bank on the Green Gab.

Green Gab Podcast - Episode 3 | Water Conservation

Only .00001% of all the water on the earth is available for drinking in any given day. Over a billion people do not have access to clean drinking water a day. Gab with us about easy steps you can take to save water for you, your community and the world.

Plants and landscaping for restoration

It's a bit crowded today in studio on the Green Gab! Marla Esser just announced to our listeners the she has a new co-host. I, Tony Pratte, am excited and honored to lend my voice to this fun, new show.

Solar energy and giving back to everyday heroes

Gabbing Green today about solar energy and giving back to some everyday heroes. On this podcast I welcome, Krissy Truesdale. She is a remarkable young lady that founded, Solar for our Superheroes.

Green inspiration for your health and comfort

One of my goals with green education is inspiring people to take action, and contribute to their life being better! In this podcast, we gab about off-gassing, which is when VOC’s are released from things in your home (or building) like carpet, flooring, adhesives, furniture and more.

Hoodle – find your place

Cindi Rhinehart and partner Ron Williams have built Hoodle.com to help you find your place – to build a home.  Hoodle is aggregating subdivisions to build a home and builders to build them.

Green Gab Podcast - Episode 4

Michele Dow, owner of MAD (Making A Difference) Energy, joins me today on Green Gab - the podcast for rocking it green and celebrating green homes, green living and green companies.

How to “Talk Green” with your Builder or Remodeler (video)

This short video “How to “Talk Green” with your Builder or Remodeler” offers the highlights of how you, a homeowner or buyer, can talk with your builder or remodeler about which values are important to you in your home.

Green Gab Podcast - Episode 3

I’m Marla Esser, Green Home Coach, and host of Green Gab - the podcast for rocking it green celebrating green homes, green living and green companies. On this episode, Tony Pratte and I gab about how technology and automation contribute to a greener home and lifestyle.

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