6 Tips for Better Home Water Quality

August is national water quality month, and there are a few simple things that area residents can do to reduce water pollution and runoff.

Solar Sharing and Microgrids Now Trending Within Communities

Homeowners are sharing excess energy with other homes and businesses within their community by starting microgrids of their own.

Low Capacity Furnaces Aimed at High Performance Homes

To serve the high performance home market, as well as the multifamily unit market, Bryant recently introduced low-capacity condensing furnaces. Bryant added models to its Preferred and Legacy families that are perfectly sized for the multi-family housing and the low-energy...

Mini Splits Help Beat the Summer Heat

The mini split market has boomed due to the distinguishing difference from their “central” cooling counterparts.

Utah Relaunches Statewide Commercial PACE Program

In this updated program, financing is provided by private capital providers in an open market and repaid through a voluntary assessment on the owner's property tax bill.

HVAC Load Reduction Technology Reduces Carbon Emissions and Saves Building Cost

Building developers are under growing pressure to make a difficult choices.

Construction App Plans Home Improvement Projects

Homeowners and constructions pros alike connect, create, and manage home building and remodeling projects using the free building and remodeling software for homeowners from Buildshop Inc. Homeowners are spending record amounts of time and money on home improvement projects in...

High Performance Windows Offer Panoramic Views

The hardware and track system is fully concealed, and the flush threshold is ADA compatible while being air, snow and watertight.

First Nations Helping Homes Project Uses Stone Wool Insulation

The program allows lower income families to realize homeownership, while maintaining a traditional hunting and trapping lifestyle.

Kohler Adds BIM Site to Aid Professionals in Plumbing Design

It is crucial that the information building professionals gather for their projects is accurate and done in an efficient manner.

Solar Roofing Systems Boost Power Output

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) refer to photovoltaic products such as solar panels and modules that are used as replacements for traditional building materials.

5 things to know about geothermal heat pumps

Consumers have a lot of choices these days when it comes to heating and cooling systems. One option is right below their feet—taking advantage of the earth’s constant underground temperature nearly 30 feet below the surface. Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs),...

Sheep's Wool Insulation Part of Smart Wall System

Constructed using non-toxic materials, the enclosure system uses existing and new technology to generate an airtight, energy efficient and long-lasting building envelope.

Time of Use Rate Automated Scheduler Saves Money for Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are ideally suited for optimization to TOU rate programs, given their inherent storage capacity and heat timing flexibility.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips Make Aging-in-Place in Your Own Home Safer and Easier

Having your bathroom remodeled may appear to be daunting, but contractors can create a fully customized bathroom with minimal difficulty in as little as one day.

Video | Veteran Builds Tiny Home Village for Homeless Vets

The houses are all eco-friendly and sustainable, with solar panels all over the property and composting toilets.

5 Reasons to Install a Ductless Heating and Cooling System

There may be a solution that lowers your energy bills while keeping your home comfortable.

Grant Will Improve Low- and Moderate-Income Homeowner Access to Solar and Energy Efficiency Upgrades

PACE financing levels the playing field for homeowners who do not meet the enhanced credit standard required to finance solar using loans or leases.

25% of Australian Homes Have Gone Solar

Experts predict that adoption of solar power may slow next year.

DOE Fighting Red Tape That Slows Solar Installations

Communities achieving the highest SolSmart rating are doing even more to speed up the solar process.

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