14 remodeling projects to increase the value of your home (Infographic)

14 remodeling projects to increase the value of your home (Infographic)

Are you considering remodeling your home? If so, you're probably in the same boat as most homeowners, wanting to know if all the money you're spending will simply be a sunk cost or if you will end up increasing the value of your home with the remodeling project. Of course, you should also consider the added comfort you get out of remodeling, but wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ll recoup some of the costs later on when you decide to sell your home?

The good news is that remodeling projects will often increase your home’s resale price. However, certain types of remodeling will add more value than others. To help you figure out if your next upgrade will be worth it or not, Contractor Quotes has made an infographic that looks at the average costs as well as how much you’ll typically recoup for popular remodeling projects. For example, replacing vinyl siding on your home will on average cost $12,013 and increase the resale value of your home by $9,694.

At the same time, the infographic takes a look at different things you need to be aware of in order to make your project a success. Studying this infographic should hopefully make you feel more confident about your next remodeling project.

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