5 signs your home insulation needs to be replaced

5 signs your home insulation needs to be replaced

When insulation goes bad it can create a problem throughout your entire home.

Clean Crawls, an attic cleaning and home insulation company, outlined the problems that could lead to the need to replace insulation in your home, such as insulation that has deteriorated, become damp, or been infested by critters.

If a crawl space or attic insulation has become ineffective or hasn't been installed at all, it can cause uncomfortable or even dangerous consequences on indoor air quality and temperature regulation.

Clean Crawls has taken it upon themselves to explain five sure signs that insulation should be either installed or replaced.

1. Changing Indoor Temperatures

If the indoor temperatures of your home are constantly changing, that's a sure sign that your crawl space and attic insulation should be replaced. Oftentimes, this is due to insulation that has shifted in the attic areas and is allowing cold air or heat into the home, sabotaging the heating and cooling system's attempts at regulating the indoor temperature. Simply resetting the insulation and adding additional batting can sometimes easily rectify such problems. However, in many cases, replacement is required.

2. High Energy Bills

High energy bills are a symptom of poor attic or crawl space insulation. Inadequate insulation or a complete lack of insulation in the attic and crawl space areas causes the outdoor weather temperatures to sneak into your home. In summer, the air conditioner must work twice as hard. In winter, the heater has to clock overtime hours to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In both of these cases, energy costs rise dramatically.

3. Animal Infestation

If squirrels, rats, mice, snakes, opossums, or bats have made your attic or crawl space their latest residence, it's time to replace your insulation. The last thing you want is to evict the critters only to find that they've left feces and grime all over your insulation. It's also possible that some pests have left babies hidden in the insulation. Even if you don't see any evidences of animals in your attic or crawl space, it is important to inspect your insulation for traces of these little rascals.

4. Wet Insulation

If the insulation become moist, damp, or sopping wet, there is no salvaging the material. It must be replaced immediately. Blocked vents, a leaky roof, a basement flood, or the absence of vapor barriers can cause crawl space or attic insulation to get wet. Not only can wet insulation grow mold that releases dangerous mycotoxins in to the air, but the moisture causes the insulation to become ineffective. The tiny air pockets that are instrumental in trapping the air and maintaining the temperature are plugged with water, rendering the insulation useless.

5. Indoor Drafts

There are occasions where, especially in the case of attic insulation, a poor insulation job can allow drafts to enter the home. When there isn’t enough blockage between the outside air and the inside atmosphere, cold drafts can infiltrate the house. If you notice that there are odd drafts, even after you’ve closed all of the doors and windows, it’s a good time to check out your crawl space or attic insulation.

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