5 ways to 'future-proof' a kitchen

5 ways to 'future-proof' a kitchen


We upgrade our phones every year, yet we’re reluctant to outfit our kitchens with technology that ensures they outlast the next decade of fads.

According to Innit, an eating technology company that has developed a connected food platform, home renovators and builders should look to the future when planning a kitchen remodel, or it might quickly become obsolete.

Here are five ways to future-proof a kitchen.

1. Manage your kitchen with a digital hub

Similar the platforms used to manage living room entertainment, connecting music, TV shows, movies and games, kitchens will soon be managed by platforms that help plan, grocery shop, prepare and cook.

2. Apps are an easy upgrade

Download apps that help control kitchen with your voice, such as those you can direct to turn on your oven remotely, get video instructions on mastering common cooking techniques or even receive step-by-step cooking guidance.

3. Ensure new appliances are wifi-enabled

If new kitchen appliances can't connect to the Internet, they're already outdated. Connectivity, which comes at a relatively low price point, allows ovens to control the baking for you — simplifying the cooking process and creating a more flavorful version of your dish.    

4. Wireless charging countertops are the new quartz

When choosing a countertop, skip the stone and opt for smart countertops. Appliances suitable for these countertops can run right on the surface, creating new meaning to "added surface space."

5. Cut the cords

Many appliances are now wireless and compatible with smart countertops that also charge them. A wireless kitchen reduces the number of cords, which is extremely important near kitchen sinks.


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