AdvanTech flooring extends its warranty to the lifetime of the home

AdvanTech flooring extends its warranty to the lifetime of the home

To meet demand for durable flooring and sheathing in the residential market, Huber Engineered Woods LLC extended the warranty for AdvanTech residential products to a lifetime limited transferable warranty.

The decision to increase the warranty for AdvanTech flooring was made based on extensive laboratory testing and outstanding performance in the field since the product was launched in 1997.

The warranty was previously 50 years long. Also, the no sand guarantee was increased to 500 days as a measure of its durability during the construction process.

“Testing and builder sentiment confirms that AdvanTech flooring is the highest quality subfloor you can put in a home, whether comparing it to OSB or plywood,” said Jason Darling, general manager of AdvanTech flooring. “Our warranties reflect the quality of the products we manufacture, and it is crucial that builders and homeowners know that we stand behind our products for the lifetime of their home."

AdvanTech flooring has been voted by builders as the number one quality subflooring product for 12 consecutive years according to Builder magazine’s annual Brand Use Study.

Additionally, it is the only wood structural subflooring product that has Building Code recognized proprietary design values listed in an Evaluation Service Report (ESR-1785), published by the International Code Council – Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). The proprietary design values listed in ICC-ES ESR-1785 are 16-62 percent higher than those published for 24 on-center PS-2 plywood or OSB panels.

Huber Engineered Woods maintains this ICC-ES report for AdvanTech flooring to elevate it from other OSB and plywood subfloors, which only meet the PS-2 industry standard.

AdvanTech flooring, identified with an ESR-1785 grade stamp, has endured a battery of testing protocols that measure and ensure greater and consistent levels of panel strength, stiffness and fastener holding power. The results under ESR-1785 for AdvanTech flooring include:

  • 62 percent better design bending strength than PS-2 quality OSB or plywood panels of the same dimension
  • 28 percent better design bending stiffness than PS-2 quality OSB
  • 16 percent better design bending stiffness than PS-2 quality plywood
  • 10 percent better design fastener holding power than both PS-2 quality OSB and plywood

In addition to the higher published design values noted above, the use of advanced moisture-resistant resin technology applied throughout the panel ensures that AdvanTech panels will stand up to water during the construction process and defend against swelling, cupping and delamination – guaranteed for 500 days. That resistance to swelling means the subfloor won't have to be sanded to ensure a smooth surface.

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