Amazon Alexa Gain Skill for Carrier HVAC Control

Amazon Alexa Gain Skill for Carrier HVAC Control

Amazon Alexa has a new skill – it's now compatible with Carrier's Infinity Touch control. The enhancement is part of Carrier's efforts to improve customer experience in the rapidly expanding smart home category.

Once the skill is enabled, Carrier customers with Infinity systems can verbally manage their Infinity Touch control via Alexa-enabled devices such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and more. This is available to homeowners with Wi-Fi versions of the Infinity Touch control, connected to the internet through a home Wi-Fi network and registered on

Alexa, the cloud-based voice service that enables intuitive interaction with devices such as the Echo, provides homeowners with an interactive home experience that can move seamlessly between playing music, providing the weather forecast and controlling a home’s heating and cooling system.

"This interface marks another important step for Carrier in providing customers robust tools and systems to better manage their comfort and energy consumption," said Matthew Pine, vice president, Carrier, Residential. "We're focused on creating seamless connections between the smart home systems homeowners are adopting and the home comfort system they rely on today."

The ability to interact with Amazon Alexa is due to the Carrier Infinity Open API and the Amazon API, which facilitate communication between the two systems. A set of rules, protocols and tools, Carrier's API creates a secure bridge to allow cloud-to-cloud interface of home automation systems to an internet-connected Infinity system. The Infinity Open API allows approved third party, smart home integrators to connect to the Infinity Touch online database, enabling homeowners to remotely control Infinity systems from their home automation systems.

"The smart home environment is undergoing a major shift as brands like Amazon change the way homeowners think about being connected to their home and its major appliances," Pine said. "We are confident our Infinity system customers will find this collaboration a welcome next step in matching world-class home climate control with voice-controlled smart home technology. This will provide greater control and convenience."

Also, Carrier's Cor thermostat is compatible with the Alexa-enabled devices such as the Echo and Echo Dot. This compatibility allows homeowners to easily direct the Côr thermostat to set and change temperature by voice command.

 “The Carrier Côr thermostat has steadily increased its capabilities since the launch last year, and compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices is the latest exciting addition for homeowners,” Pine said.

Amazon has positioned the Alexa voice service to grow with the needs of consumers by releasing a free set of application program interfaces called the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service that enable developers to add Alexa to any device with a compatible speaker, microphone, and Internet connection with only a few lines of code.

 “We’re excited to expand hands-free thermostat control with Alexa through the work Carrier is doing with its Côr thermostat,” said Charlie Kindel, director, Alexa Smart Home. “With this launch, Carrier has provided Alexa customers with even more options to cool or heat their homes - just by using their voices.”

The Côr thermostat can save homeowners an average of 20 percent on their heating and cooling costs and is available via the Carrier nationwide dealer network. The Côr thermostat is already compatible with Wink and will work with the vast majority of 24 volt communicating heating and cooling systems.

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