Anua's New Compact Mónashell removes foul odors

Do you have a foul odor in your neighborhood? It could be coming from your sewage system. And if so, Anua has a cost-effective solution.

Controlling the odors, corrosion and potential dangers associated with hydrogen sulfide from lift stations, pumping stations and manholes near existing developments is a high priority. With more than 600 installations worldwide, the proprietary, clean air technology at the heart of the Anua Compact Mónashell Biofiltration System is the ideal solution for treatment of airflows up to 150 cubic feet per minute — it will work with any sewage system.

Compact Mónashell has been designed to be more effective than biotrickling filters and have a smaller footprint than other biofilters. In addition, Compact Mónashell is suitable for higher hydrogen sulfide concentrations than activated carbon systems, provides the potential for lifecycle cost savings over chemical dosing and is designed to work above or below ground.

Anua's Compact Mónashell provides excellent performance across a broad range of odor-producing compounds. With built-in pH control and automatic buffering, no chemicals are required — ever. Water usage is very low, and the water discharged from the system is at a neutral pH. For remote pump stations without a water supply, rainwater or filtration of raw wastewater can be used.

The simplicity of the Compact Mónashell makes the system especially attractive. The waste airstream is directed through the shell media, allowing contact between the shells, water, selected microorganisms and the odor-producing compounds. Microorganisms live on the shell media, which contain high levels of calcium carbonate, which neutralize the odor causing acid byproducts.

These physical, structural and chemical properties of the shell media allow for much smaller filters and higher efficiencies than conventional biofilters.

The sustainable process of the Compact Mónashell uses naturally occurring media, with the media life dependent on the H2S levels being processed. For example, with a less than 10ppm hydrogen sulfide-ventilated rate, the shell media would be expected to last in excess of eight years before replacement was needed.

Installed at select pilot locations around the U.S., the product has been uniformly praised for its effectiveness. According to Scott Wolfla, golf course superintendent at Eagle Pointe Golf Resort in Bloomington, Ind., "This is the first time in the four years I've been working here I can remember being able to smell wild onions on the sixth hole. When we turned the Compact Mónashell off, within 10 minutes the 'rotten-egg' smell was back."

Wolfla also noted the Compact Mónashell system was installed and running in less than a day.

For more information, see our Water Filtration research center.

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