Apartments waste 33% of the energy they use (infographic)

Apartments waste 33% of the energy they use (infographic)

Apartment managers and residents can take some simple steps to stop wasting energy and lower their utility costs. While October is actually Energy Awareness Month, any time is the right time to promote the importance of finding more efficient ways to use energy, such as weather stripping, upgrading to LED lights and implementing a programmed thermostat. Planning these efforts and taking action will ensure a significant decrease in energy consumption making your building more sustainable and efficient. In fact, the president announced an additional $2 billion goal in federal energy-efficiency upgrades to federal buildings through 2016.

StratIS, an app-based energy,access management and control system focused on multifamily residences, like apartment buildings, developed this infographic around Energy Awareness Month, and provides tips to ensure that you are getting the most out of your building and using your energy in the best way possible.

Within, StratIS states:

  • Apartment buildings waste 33% of energy they use with the most being heating and cooling
  • Highest wasted energy in your apartment building starts with 30% being lost through your roof
  • Ways to become energy efficient starts with programmed thermostats, weatherstripping and energy management systems

Topics: Building Green, Cost of Ownership, Energy Audits, Energy Star, Going Green

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