Atlanta launches first community-based solar program

Atlanta launches first community-based solar program

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Atlanta, with its abundant sunshine, has untapped solar potential many residents are now using as a renewable energy source.

April 2018 marked the official launch of Solarize Atlanta, a community-based photovoltaic (PV) group-purchasing solar program for city residents. Solarize Atlanta is making access to solar easy and affordable to all communities with a 20 to 30 percent average savings rate, reports Atlanta InTown

Think of it as a wholesale store and taking advantage of bulk pricing, but for solar. The more who sign up, the lower the price.

Solarize Atlanta is the fifth Community Solarize program to launch in Georgia. With 410 program participants signed up, organizers hope it will be the largest. 

The program has a target goal of installing more than 200 new solar roofs in Atlanta and establishing a solar roof in every neighborhood.

Under the Solarize Atlanta program, participants:

  • Have access to lower prices for solar panels through bulk purchasing 
  • Receive free solar site assessments
  • Receive information about energy efficiency measures that can make properties more efficient and thermally comfortable
  • Work with pre-selected solar panel installers chosen by the community
  • Benefit from knowing their property will enjoy a level of resilience if/when faced with inclement weather, storms, other events that cause the electrical grid to “go down”
  • Help the environment by using clean energy, rather than energy generated by oil or coal
  • Gain control of monthly electricity bills by generating their own energy

Energy efficiency is better for the environment and helps create energy efficiency jobs and brings revenue into the city. The Atlanta metro area had 2,910 solar jobs as of 2017, an increase of 505 positions from 2016. 

Statewide, Georgia has 4,310 solar jobs and ranks 15th in the nation in solar workers.


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