Canadian Prime Minister's residence undergoes a geothermal upgrade

Canadian Prime Minister's residence undergoes a geothermal upgrade

24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa

A major retrofit for the Canadian prime minister's residence in Ottawa could be a prime opportunity to display the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling

The Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC) welcomes the proposed major retrofits for the Prime Minister's official residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa. The CGC sees this as a tremendous opportunity to revamp the building's mechanical systems and to improve the air quality and comfort of occupants and visitors with the installation of a geothermal heat pump (GHP) system for heating and cooling.

"The Liberal Party Platform is clear on their intentions to lead by example by ensuring that the federal government increases its use of clean technologies to stimulate domestic demand for these products. The expected retrofits at 24 Sussex Drive represent a unique opportunity to showcase the knowhow of Canadian specialists for the design and the installation of GHP systems" said Denis Tanguay, president & CEO of the CGC.

The installation of a GHP system in a house generates savings in the order of 40 percent to 60 percent of annual heating and cooling needs. Over 125,000 systems are installed in Canada representing less than 1percent of the building stock.

"The potential for growth is enormous but it requires sustained efforts to promote the technology. The installation of a GHP system at 24 Sussex would represent an incredible promotional tool for this green technology and show government leadership," Tanguay said.

Since 2001, the Canadian GHP industry rallied under the leadership of the CGC. Over 8000 individuals took one or more of the eight distinct training courses offered by the CGC. The Coalition also certified close to 19,000 residential GSHP systems since 2007. Through its members and accredited professionals, the CGC is active everywhere in Canada and maintains close relationships with international partners mainly in Europe and Asia.

Canada is recognized around the world for the quality of its research on GHP in universities and within the industry. Canada now exports related products, which were all previously imported: high performance pipes, spacers, grout components, design software and training programs.

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