Case Study: Proud Green Home at Serenbe HVAC strategy

Case Study: Proud Green Home at Serenbe HVAC strategy

Editor's Note: LG HVAC and LG Electronics supported the Proud Green Home at Serenbe project in the sustainable community southwest of Atlanta. This is LG's Case Study on the HVAC and solar strategies that made the house so successful.

Proud Green Home at Serenbe

Location:Serenbe, Georgia

Product: LG Multi V Mini

CHALLENGE: Located in the environmentally-minded community of Serenbe just south of Atlanta, the Proud Green Home at Serenbe project features a variety of products, techniques and designs that create a sustainable home for the future. Developed in collaboration with The Imery Group, a Georgia-based construction company focused on driving sustainability in real estate, every aspect of the home was designed for sustainable living. In searching for a specific heating and cooling partner, The Imery Group required one that maintained its same sustainable building mission and would help bring its vision of a true net-zero build to life.

CRITERIA: The vision of the Proud Green Home at Serenbe was to create and demonstrate to consumers, architects and designers a living example of the invaluable benefits of building sustainably. Because every aspect of the home needed to meet particular energy efficiency standards, The Imery Group required an air conditioning system that would contribute to the net-zero build. Additionally, the indoor air quality needed to meet or exceed the extensive Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Indoor airPlus Verification checklist.

SOLUTION: The LG Multi V Mini, a zoned single-phase VRF system, proved the perfect solution to meet the net-zero build goal, and it fit in well with the home’s design and the intended construction method. The heating and cooling load of the Proud Green Home at Serenbe is 22,020 Btu/h, equivalent to only a 1.5 to 2-ton air conditioning system. The LG outdoor unit also has variable speed compressors and fans to deliver maximum cooling and heating efficiencies.

Designed to provide the owner with the benefits of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology, the Multi V Mini with VRF technology allows the home owners to control multiple zones and condition only rooms or areas in use, which makes it an ideal heating and cooling system for the Proud Green Home at Serenbe project.

“The LG Multi V Mini is the perfect foundation for this project. As much of a home’s energy usage can be attributed to the heating and cooling system, this was exceptionally efficient.” said Luis Imery, founder of The Imery Group. “The system supports maximum occupant comfort while providing the control with VRF to cut down on utility costs energy savings.”

One exterior unit and three interior units of the heat pump were installed, generating 10.10 EER and 14.30 SEER.  The outdoor unit’s compressor uses inverter technology that allows it to accelerate and decelerate according to the demand, reducing the amount of energy used. In addition to outstanding energy efficiency, the system also reduced installation costs, required minimal-to-do ductwork and saved time for the contractors. The LG Multi V Mini’s advanced design incorporates the ability to pipe to the farthest corners and highest elevation of a building from a single outdoor unit.

The Serenbe community, one of the leading sustainable communities in the U.S., originally pushed for geothermal technology as the heating and cooling source. However, the contractors encouraged installing the LG Multi V Mini because its innovative technologies and flexible design offered the opportunity to incorporate multiple units. Additionally, LG’s units came equipped with a communication technology that allows users to monitor and control all units from a central system.

In addition to the HVAC system, LG also provided ENERGY STAR® certified home electronics, ENERGY STAR ® certified home appliances and 40 Mono X solar panel modules to help the home maximize energy efficiency. Thanks in large part to LG’s energy efficient technologies, the Proud Green Home at Serenbe was named a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Housing Innovation Award Winner for 2014 in the Custom Category, and it was also awarded the EarthCraft House Project of the Year.

Data collected from the home will impact future building projects that aim for increased sustainability as the collective focus on net-zero home developments continues to grow.

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