Check out the latest hot home building products

Check out the latest hot home building products

The PCBC show honored homebuilding's latest and greatest products with the Parade of Products Awards.

POP @ PCBC honors outstanding achievements in innovation and new product development in the homebuilding industry, with winners invited to present their products to the Key Buyers Club at PCBC, the largest homebuilding tradeshow and business exchange representing the west coast.

Much like the pitches you see on Shark Tank, POP @ PCBC winners have three minutes to pitch the Key Buyers Club, which represents an exclusive group of purchasing agents from the nation’s top homebuilding companies. Presenting a product to these buyers can turn a business into an overnight success story.

These 16 products impressed the judges enough to win a spot on the Parade of Products.

Carrier Corporation -- Carrier® Comfort™ Series ERV

Carrier ERVThe Comfort Series ERV leverages a streamlined, two-duct connection to offer a more straightforward installation process than traditional four-duct technology. In addition, the Comfort Series ERV does not require a separate wall control, allowing for easy integration into Carrier home systems. The unit’s small cabinet dimensions make the product more compact than others on the market, a benefit for today’s newly constructed homes. Contractors can simply connect the unit to the home’s furnace or the ductwork, eliminating the need to make additional room for a bulky four-duct ERV unit and its extra duct connections.

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting Business -- Halo Surface LED Downlights

EatonAvailable in 4-inch and 6-inch sizes, the Halo Surface LED Downlights incorporate WaveStream™ LED technology to create an ultra-low profile, surface-mounting luminaire providing unmatched optical performance, energy efficiency and brightness control at an affordable price. With the performance and look of traditional downlights, but offering up to 80 percent in energy savings, the dimmable series installs in standard 3.5-inch and 4-inch junction boxes and retrofits 4-inch, 5-inch or 6-inch aperture IC and Non-IC recessed housings. It can retrofit surface-mounted fixtures and consumes only 12W while lasting 50,000 hours, compared to a 65W light bulb which lasts approximately 2,000 hours. Available in 3000K CCT and an 80 or 90 CRI option, the series seamlessly integrates with advanced lighting controls solutions for residential and commercial installations.

Feeney, Inc. -- LED Rail Light Kits

Feeney looks at rail lighting in a whole new way with this easy to use LED light kit, providing beautiful High CRI lighting for the DesignRail® line of aluminum railing. Kits are designed using longer lengths of weatherproof LED strip lights that integrate into the top and bottom rail of DesignRail systems. The exclusive polycarbonate lens snaps into the under rail channel and diffuses light evenly across the railing, eliminating dark spots and shadows that come with shorter surface mounted systems and providing a finished look.

Fortifiber Building Systems Group -- L7 Flashing

L7 Flashing is a high-performance solution to flashing electrical boxes, vents, and other through-wall penetrations. Pre-sized in convenient “L” shaped pieces, and fabricated from advanced butyl adhesive and coated woven facer, L7 Flashing provides a simple, cost-effective way to flash critical intersections.

Hampton Products International -- Push Pull Rotate Door Locks

Brink’s Home Security Push Pull Rotate door locks are the first knobs, levers and handlesets that open three ways, enabling doors to be opened traditionally by turning or in two completely new ways: pushing or pulling on the knob, lever or handleset to release the door latch. Whether hands are full or free, a bump with an elbow or a tug with a single finger open doors more easily. In addition to a wide range of styling and finishes, the products are ADA compliant and meet ANSI Grade 2 testing standards. Push Pull Rotate products are built on a cylindrical chassis normally used in commercial locks so they will last and come with a lifetime warranty. The keyed products are pick, bump, drill resistant, and the deadbolts are also equipped with anti-pry shields and steel anti-drill plates to provide the highest level of security.

Imfuna, LLC -- Imfuna Construction Inspector

Are you a residential builder, developer, design professional, contractor, or project manager? Are you tracking the progress of construction? This app embraces the core skills of the inspection process and utilizes the power of mobile devices to readily produce a professional report. Mobile templates walk you efficiently through the inspection. Capture photos, type or dictate auto-transcribed notes to any level of detail required; identify item conditions, materials, brands, and flag items for attention; conduct side-by-side incremental inspections; automate reporting, sharing, and cloud storage; and control the content, layout, and branding of reports. Imfuna enables complete control of multiple inspections and construction projects. The result is a completely transformed approach to field construction inspections for building professionals: faster, simpler and more cost effective.

Ingersoll Rand- Trane -- Trane XL824

TraneThe XL 824 can be controlled from a mobile device or computer with Nexia. One of the first thermostats to also be a home automation gateway, the Nexia Home gives this thermostat the ability to communicate with 230+ Z-wave products throughout the home. The control also includes remote diagnostics capabilities so local HVAC dealers can remotely monitor and troubleshoot HVAC systems and eliminate unnecessary visits. Includes: Nexia Home intelligence remote access; Wi-Fi and Z-wave® Bridge; ComfortLink™ II Communication capability; compatibility with 24 volt systems; 7-day programmability; 4.3” HD color display; interactive touchscreen; system runtime history; filter change reminders; smart continuous fan; 5-day weather forecast; weather alerts; allergy and quick clean cycles, and auto changeover.

Nuheat – Signature Thermostat

The industry's first WiFi enabled floor heating thermostat. The programmable thermostat can be controlled using a mobile smart phone app (iOS and Android) or web browser. WiFi - Easily connects to your home's WiFi network. 802.11 b/g/n compatible and a fully secure network WEP, WPA and WPA2. Screen - 3.5", 320x480 pixel color touchscreen; Remote Access - Control via free smartphone apps (iOS and Android) or a web browser; Programmable - 7-day programmability; Energy Usage - View hourly, weekly and monthly usage

Outback Power Technologies -- Outback Power Radian Series Inverter

The Radian inverters are “future-perfect” to overcome consumer fears in changing electric utility policies and sell-back options for renewable energy, encouraging them to move forward with solar power generation equipment for existing and new homes. One major impediment to residents adopting solar is fear of obsolescence, especially as utility and incentive policies change while new technologies emerge every day. OutBack’s Grid/Hybrid Radian family of inverters solves these problems with GridZero technology, allowing owners to be completely off-grid, grid-tied when it makes sense or zero out grid use by mixing renewable, grid power or stored energy. OutBack’s Advanced Battery Charging, which accommodates emerging battery chemistries (including lithium-ion), makes the Radians ready for any current and future energy storage and conversion needs.

Quality Built, LLC -- Home ID

Home ID® is a powerful digital software program that gives you the ability to easily share and distribute important documents and photos to your new homeowner customers that are normally delivered in an easily misplaced folder. Home ID provides a digital back-up of project records, giving homebuyer all the information about their new home in a secure online account for them to manage, as well as maintaining an audit trail of the exact date and time provided. Your homeowners will have a cloud based solution designed to manage their home information, including specifications and details, their most important warranty, manuals, insurance and other documents and home photos all while your branding is displayed every time they log in.

Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc. -- Strong Frame Special Moment Frame

The Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong Frame® Special Moment frame provides high lateral-force resistance to seismic events. The innovative Yield-Link™ structural fuse is designed so the connection response remains ductile under load, providing more predictable performance. Designers can choose from 192 pre-engineered and custom-sized frame solutions. Other features include: 100% Bolted Connections –No field welding required; increased ductility, making it ideally suited for use in older structures; no beam bracing required. Strong Frame special moment frames are code-listed under ICC-ES ESR-2802 and City of Los Angeles RR25957 are pending prequalification approval under AISC 358.

StoCorp -- StoGuard

StoGuard is a fluid applied weather barrier that is easy for contractors to install. StoGuard can be sprayed on or applied with a roller – a similar process to painting – and requires no special training, reducing the risk of improper installation which can lead to moisture intrusion problems. Unlike some solvent-based building materials, StoGuard has low VOCs and complies with US EPA and South Coast AQMD emission standards for architectural coatings. StoGuard is fully adhered without a mechanical attachment, meaning it does not require the use of staples, nails, or other means of attachment to adhere to the wall. StoGuard is energy efficient and helps prevent air leakage, thus reducing energy costs, and qualifies for the following LEED credits – Materials & Resources (MR) Credit 1.1 and 1.2.

Thermory USA -- Thermally-Modified Hardwood Decking

This thermally-modified hardwood decking has a unique design feature to make installation faster and easier, reduce waste, and bring an elegant indoor flooring look to outdoor decking. The ends of all deck boards have a tongue & groove end joint strong enough that the joint can land anywhere between the joists, with no need to trim each board back to the last joist. The result is a random-length decking product (7' to 12') that is installed like interior flooring, with no trimming each board back to the last joist, no worrying about mis-cut or out-of-square ends, or how to match the length of the boards to the size of the deck.

Whirlpool Corporation -- KitchenAid 24" 5-Cycle/6-Option Dishwasher, Architect Series II

This dishwasher's AquaSense Recycling System allows it to use 33% less water without sacrificing cleaning and drying performance. Water from the last rinse is used to pre-rinse the next load. Fresh water is used to finish the cleaning cycle. The ProWash Cycle determines the appropriate cycle for washing dishes and makes real-time adjustments for the best cleaning performance. Additionally, the ProScrub Option uses 40 targeted spray jets at the back of the dishwasher to help eliminate soaking or pre-scrubbing.

Xeripave -- Xeribrix

XeripaveThe XeriBrix is a super pervious brick that offers more than just a traditional paving surface. XeriBrix provides stormwater relief as soon as precipitation hits the ground allowing water to flow through the surface. XeriBrix combines an attractive surface with a high infiltration rate providing projects with stormwater runoff solutions for vehicular applications.

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